Our Services

Glynn Construction offers the following services...

  • Full service general building & engineering
  • New custom home construction specializing in turnkey projects from architectural design phase, through to complete interior design. Extensive experience in designing and building Contemporary, Mediterranean, and Victorian homes
  • Major and minor remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, energy-efficient remodeling
  • Seismic upgrading from hillside homes to landfill structures, to general structural frame reinforcement
  • Custom historical Victorian/Edwardian facade restoration
  • Commercial construction/renovation specialties in tenant improvement and biotech facilities
  • Public utilities & street improvements
  • Sewer & water connections
  • Pier drilling & foundations
  • Large-scale Project Management

Full Service general building & engineering start and finish with Glynn Construction

New construction, retrofitting or major remodeling can typically be a stressful undertaking for a home-or business-owner. Managing and coordinating architects, contractors, interior designers, city permitting processes, utilities, and Soils or Structural Engineers is time-consuming and can be overwhelming. The Glynn Construction team's full service approach allows you to start and finish with us. We have partnered with outstanding teams of architects, interior designers, and specialty engineers and our extensive experience in working on various public projects will ensure the utmost efficiency in managing permits, building inspections, etc. Take the guesswork and hassle out of hiring and coordinating the many different aspects of your project and allow Glynn Construction to execute a finely-orchestrated and beautifully-finished product.

Large Scale Project Management

Effective project management is key to ensuring the success of very large, complex projects. The Glynn Construction team has extensive experience in managing such projects in terms of coordinating all workers, material, and equipment, ensuring that specifications are followed, and that all tasks are proceeding on schedule and within budget. At the beginning of each project, we perform a rigorous analysis to establish what needs to be accomplished to meet a client's goals, and map out tasks, deadlines, and resource requirements. Throughout the project, we ensure that all involved tradespeople are kept abreast of any scope or schedule changes desired by the client. This process results not only in our clients feeling confident and informed during their construction project, but also ensures that they are nothing less than satisfied with the finished product, cost, and schedule.